• DrTim's One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria!

    | Apr 11, 2017

    DrTim's One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria!

    Trying to avoid New Tank Syndrome or wishing to control your tank's ammonia and nitrite levels?  DrTim's Aquatics has the all-in-one answer, the One & Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria!  Not only does One & Only eliminate new tank syndrome, but it also naturally and safely creates a bio filter, removing toxic ammonia and nitrite.  It is 100% natural, with no sulfur or offensive odors, and works immediately!  
    drtims aquatics one and only uncle bills
    In order to set up a successful aquarium environment for your fish and invertebrates, it is key to convert the fish waste to a non-toxic form.  DrTim's One & Only does this using nitrifying bacteria, and does it quickly!  Typically, naturally establishing a newly set-up aquarium with similar bacteria could take 30 to 45 days.  This also happens to be one of the most crucial periods for your fish when ammonia and nitrite increase in levels to the point of being toxic to your fish.  However, Dr. Timothy Hovanec has found through the latest scientific research that this particular nitrifying bacteria can expedite the process safely and naturally.  One & Only is different than other bacteria products, as the bacteria are grown on a substrate instead of free swimming, which means the bacteria stay active longer in the bottle and work faster once poured into the aquarium.  One & Only is a highly concentrated mixture of the right species of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, and it is now used in public aquariums and by professionals around the world!
    drtims aquatics one and only public aquarium use
    Use One & Only when setting up a new tank, after a water change, cleaning your filter, when adding new fish and after a disease treatment to control ammonia and nitrite.  Just add it one time to keep ammonia and nitrate low - preferably 0 - during the cycling period, and it starts working immediately!

    You can add One & Only anytime once the tank is set-up and the water dechlorinated.  One & Only is completely non-toxic and will not harm fish, corals or invertebrates and so it can be added when fish and invertebrate are already in the tank. Just shake the bottle well and pour!

    Feel free to visit DrTim's Aquatics website for more information, guides, and FAQ's.

  • "1-2-Grow!" Tissue Culture Live Plants!

    | Mar 14, 2017

    "1-2-Grow!" Tissue Culture Live Plants!

    tissue-culture-plants-free-of-snails-guaranteed-greenwood-uncle-bill1-2-grow-rotala Cultivate a natural,  stunning display of aquatic plant life for
     your tank!  With the proper care and ecosystem management, you can have beautiful, healthy plants to spice up your aquarium.    

    This "1-2-Grow!" line of tissue culture plants by Aquatropic
    offers a vast selection of state of the art plants packaged in efficient growing cups.  This helps to ensure that the plants are raised in a sterile environment:  100% free of pesticides, snails, and algae - guaranteed!  After a little propagation, you can then divide up the plants and place them in your tank according to your own design.  Then watch your tiny plants grow into a lush, rich display!

    Each plant cup is conveniently labeled by difficulty for the keeper with symbols for "Easy," "Medium," or "Advanced" to assist customers in choosing a plant that meets their lifestyle and their specific aquarium needs.  Plants can range from mosses, foreground plants, stem plants, to floating plants, and more!


    You can find an Aquatropic display at our Greenwood store location now, complete with growth formulas, maintenance tools, and a wide variety of plants.  With several species to pick from at different difficulties of care, there is a "1-2-Grow!" tissue cultured plant for everyone!

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