• The Silver Arowana!

    | Jun 15, 2021

    The Silver Arowana!

    Silver ArowanaThe Silver Arowana is a bony fish native to the South American freshwaters of the Amazon. The generic name Osteoglossum means "bone-tongued" and the specific name bicirrhosum means "two barbels." They can be found naturally in both black and whitewater environments, such as flooded forests. 

    The drawbridge-like mouth of these incredible fish can open into 3 pieces at the head of the body, most of which have teeth.  They are covered in silver, pearl-like scales that can shift in color shades as the fish ages.  Arowana's can live up to 10-20 years in captivity and reach lengths of up to or over 30-40 inches!

    silver arowanaThe placement of the mouth allows the Arowana to eat prey from below while swimming near the surface. In the wild, they have fantastic eyesight and a unique hunting method where they may hide parallel to a fallen tree in the water, waiting to jump out and attack their prey. In fact, Silver Arowanas can jump up to 5 feet out of the water and swim with a snake-like grace, often giving it the nicknames of "dragon fish" or "monkey fish"!

    The Silver Arowana is arguably one of the most popular ornamental South American fish species, although it can be quite territorial and predatory as a tankmate.  They tend to be a bit hardy to water conditions, but grow rather large so a big tank will be necessary.  However, while they prefer a solitary lifestyle, they can learn to recognize their pet parents and even be trained to eat from your hand!

    Right now we have a 3-foot Silver Arowana at our Greenwood location that is pretty spectacular - visit him (or take him home) while you can!




  • Fresh- & Salt- R/O Water at Uncle Bill's!

    | May 13, 2021

    R/O Freshwater & Saltwater Sold at Uncle Bill's!

    One of our most Frequently Asked Questions is if our stores offer Fresh and Salt R/O water for sale - and indeed we do!  Pure Fresh R/O water is just $.75 per gallon and pre-mixed Salt R/O water is only $1.25 per gallon.  Water is available in economy-sized 5 Gallon value bottles.  With a completely refundable $10.00 bottle deposit, you can also simply come in to the store and exchange it for a new bottle - only paying for the water while helping us reuse our bottles efficiently~!

    ro reverse osmosis process

    everse osmosis (RO) is commonly used as the filtration method to remove many types of dissolved solids (large molecules and ions) from solutions by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane.  This water purification process uses a partially permeable membrane to separate ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from water. In reverse osmosis, an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure, removing many types of dissolved and suspended chemical species as well as biological ones (principally bacteria) from water. This method is used in both industrial processes and even the production of potable water. It is known to remove harmful materials such as lead or other contaminants, and is one of the best purified water options available for general use.

    ro reverse osmosis setup

    Our R/O water bottles are convenient and work great for up-keeping your aquarium - with regular tank water changes or even setting up a new tank!  R/O water has also been known to be used for certain picky plants - such as carnivorous plants or terrarium plants that need low mineral content.  It can also be utilized for other pets' habitats such as turtles, toads, and axolotls

    Try out our R/O water bottle program for any of your aquatic or pet purposes at your local Uncle Bill's Pet Center!


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