Conures for Sale

The Conures (named from the Greek word "conurus" meaning "a cone" referring to the tapering shape of the tail) are a moderately sized group of American parrots known for their highly gregarious nature and raucous chatter.  Conures are always looking for something to do, like chew up branches or preen a favorite toy.  They can live to be up to 15-20 years or older with proper care.  These gorgeous birds are social birds that also enjoy human interaction.  Conures are quite vocal, particularly in the early morning hours and at just before sunset.  These two periods are when they are most active, making these animals crepuscular, meaning "in the middle", referring to their preference to roam about during dawn and twilight.  Uncle Bill's most popular Conures are the Green Cheek, Sun, and Yellow Sided species.  

Conure Diet

In addition to everyday bird food such as seeds and pellets, a variety of other foods such as fruits and vegetables can and should be offered regularly to round out the bird's diet.  Sources of whole wheat grains like unsweetened fortified cereals (like "Cheerios"), brown rice, cooked oats, and seeds (like those in commercial non-sunflower based seed mixes) are nutritious.  Avocado should be avoided entirely as it is toxic to birds.  Whole grains are a great way to provide nutrition and are essential.

Conure Habitat

Minimum cage size for conures is 18x22x24" - 24x24x30".  Conures can acclimate well to average household temperatures, as long as they do not to drop below 65°F or to exceed 80°F.  Provide an assortment of perches at a variety of widths and heights and do not place them above food or water bowls.  Be sure to give them plenty of toys at all times, a hiding place or hut, T-stand or playpen for out of the cage play time, and the occasional birdbath using either a mist or warm water bath.  Be sure to provide fresh water for them to splash around in as they appreciate their own daily baths as well.  Cover cage at night for sleeping and to prevent drafts.  Use caution when cooking with non-stick Teflon or using aerosols as the gases can be toxic.  Do not be alarmed to find your Conure sleeping on its back on the floor of the habitat; this is normal behavior on occasion.  

Is a Conure Right for Me?

Conures are known to be quite endearing!  These gorgeous birds are social birds that also enjoy human interaction.  They also require lots of chew toys and intellectually stimulating activity.  Conures are quite vocal particularly in the early morning hours, at just before sunset, and can be fairly loud.  If you are in a noise restricted area they may not be ideal to keep in that environment or with small children without supervision.  However, with training they can be taught to learn a variety of words and phrases, but mostly lack the strong ability to mimic household sounds and human speech. They might just become loving and very rewarding pets, though!  Please call ahead to the store location you are planning on visiting to confirm that conures for sale will be available.  

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Conures for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in building an appropriate habitat for your new pet, and educate you on the proper care of the animal—making sure you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure! 

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