Himalayan Kittens for Sale

The Himalayan cat came about as the idea of having a Persian type cat that exhibits the markings and unique patterns of Siamese breeds.  In some registries in the United States, this breed may also be classified as either a “Pointed Persian,” “Persian-Himalayan,” or “Himalayan-Persian” in addition to the “Himalayan” class and accepted its registered show recognition in the 1960’s.  The Himalayan breed is a laid-back type of cat that will occasionally show bursts of energy and activity.  This breed will happily sprawl about your furniture (or your lap) or lounge around the house, and may even be found rolling around playfully or running through the home when hit with an urge to be active.  Himalayans are friendly and loving, and they typically do not mind meeting new people.

A Himalayan's Specific Needs

When it comes to Himalayan cats, their fur is very dense and rather long.  Therefore, overall grooming and maintenance needs can be high in order to promote the best quality of health.  Daily brushing and combing will help keep tangling and hairballs at bay.  De-shedding tools may also be beneficial as shedding tends to be high, as well.  Nutritional needs must also be met to keep them in top condition.  Since this breed is not known for its level of exercise, the caretaker must take steps to ensure that weight and exercise is maintained closely.  Otherwise, the Himalayan is not a picky breed when it comes to habitual daily activities or changes in environment, within reason.  Most cats preferably live indoors with a moderate (40 to 55%) humidity and temperature range (67 to 75°F).

Is a Himilayan Kitten Right for Me?

The Himalayan can be both a calm companion and an energetic playmate – all in one!  Besides the nutritional, exercising, and grooming requirements this breed can be fairly easy to care for.  However, if anyone in your household has any strong allergies, particularly to cats, it may not be suggested to take home a Himalayan cat.  On another note, they are very easygoing, sweet, and affectionate cats.  The Himalayan may make friends with just about everyone and anyone they meet!

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Himalayan Kittens for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in building an appropriate habitat for your new pet, and educate you on the proper care of the animal—making sure you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure!

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