• Aqueon's NEW Stick'ems Treats!

    | Jun 11, 2024

    NEW Aqueon Stick'ems Freeze-Dried Treats! aqueon-food-stick-ems-freeze-dried-treats-family

    Create extra excitement during feeding or treat time by providing even the pickiest of eaters a nutritious blend of brine & mysis shrimp with Aqueon's Stick'ems Freeze Dried treats! These fish formulas come in 3 varieties of functional feeding for: picky eaters; high protein; & color boosting.

    aqueon-stick-ems-food-how-toaqueon-stick-ems-sticks-to-glass-for-feeding By adhering to the side of the tank, Stick’ems gives you a more up-close and personal experience with your fish as they eat, allowing for bonding and for you to be a part of the experience.

    Now, you can observe your aquatic friends up-close and personal while they feed on these interactive snacks. Just press and stick the treat cube on the tank's glass right below the water line and your fish will be investigating and chowing down on it in no time! aqueon-stick-ems-highly-palatable

    An excellent treat for both freshwater and marine fish, these entertaining treats offer everything aquarists look for, including top-nutritional quality, ease of use, and, most importantly, an exciting way to engage with their pets! 
    They are made with all natural ingredients, are high in protein, and contain similar ingredients to what they would eat in the wild - all in a tasty and attractive treat. 

    aqueon-stick-ems-freeze-dried-color-boosting-treats-with-cubes What's more, Aqueon's Stick'ems are a winner of Pet Business Industry's 2022 Recognition Awards! Considered a leader in the aquatic industry for over 50 years, Aqueon's goal is to help hobbyists create and maintain healthy environments for fish and other aquatic life. 

    Make mealtime fun with Aqueon's Freeze Dried Stick'ems Fish Treats - now on sale until 7/15/24 at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers with an Extra Value Card!

  • Aquatic Turtle Supplies!

    | May 14, 2024

    Find Aquatic Turtle Supplies at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

    World Turtle Day is this month (5/23) ~ So stop by your local Uncle Bill's Pet Center (or peruse our online store) for a menagerie of turtle supplies on sale from fantastic brands such as Exo Terra, Zilla, ZooMed Labs & moreturtles You can stock up on some accessories, or find a shelled friend of your own at Uncle Bill's stores such as the Sideneck or Cumberland Slider aquatic turtle

    In general, aquatic turtles require at least a 20G tank if juvenile, and a minimum of 40 Gallons if a pair of adult turtles. Be sure to provide plenty of hiding places and a nice basking spot, along with proper filtration as turtles can produce quite a bit of waste. However, that can be made easy with regular water changes, adequate filtration, and the help of conditioners such as Turtle Clean.  

    exo terra turtle clean 8oz *Exo Terra Turtle Clean is a 100% biological habitat cleaner that helps reduce and control odors while also rapidly reducing organic waste. Plus, the natural byproduct of Exo Terra Turtle Clean is a food source for desirable beneficial bacteria! 

    1054462_Exo-Terra-Repti-Glo-5.0-Compact-Bulb---26-Watt *UVB/UVA lighting is also a necessity in order for aquatic turtles to process calcium in captivity. Linear and compact fluorescents or halogen lights work well for these, or power/combo lighting for both UVB and basking heat, as long as it's not placed over or close to the water. All Exo Terra light bulbs are on sale now! 

    zilla turtle trunk in water *The Zilla Turtle Trunk is a fun floating platform which is free-standing, allowing for limitless options for placement! The platforms rise and lower with the changing water levels, providing an always-accessible basking surface for your turtles. Realistic and natural-looking, these platforms can fit in 20 G or larger tanks and can hold multiple large turtles at once!

    zoomed labs turtle dock medium *ZooMed Labs Turtle Docks are perfect for turtles to bask upon, too. The self-leveling feature automatically adjusts to any water level - all while the ramp allows easy access to the platform. They also come with handy suction cups for easy mounting - as well as in multiple different sizes for various habitats and applications! 

    *Plus, now in stock at select locations, ZooMed Labs NEW Aquatic Turtle Kits include: 
    -Aquarium with Screen Top(s)
     -UVB Combo Lighting
    -Submersible or Canister Filter
    zoomed aquatic turtle kit-Turtle Dock
    -Water Conditioner
    -Plants or River Pebbles
    -Aquatic Turtle Food & Red Shrimp
    -Turtle Care Booklet

    *And that's only what's currently on sale. Uncle Bill's also offers a wide selection of other turtle supplies such as a variety of aquariums, filtration, tank accessories, turtle foods & treats, heating, and more!
    uncle bills turtles However, now until 6/10/24, you can save 10% OFF:  All Exo Terra plants, light bulbs, & Turtle Clean; All Zilla décor; All Aqueon filter cartridges; All ZooMed starter kits & turtle docks at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers with your Extra Value Card

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Whether you’re shopping for a new aquatic pet or trying to figure out how to care for the one(s) you have, look no further than Uncle Bill’s Pet Center. When it comes to quality, selection, price and customer focus, Uncle Bill’s is the unquestioned leader for pets and pet supplies in the central Indiana area & Fort Wayne.

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