• NEW ReeFlowers Salt Solutions!

    | May 14, 2019

    NEW ReeFlowers Salt Solutions!  reeflowers logo Purple

    Uncle Bill’s aims to uphold the highest quality of standards achievable when it comes to the treatment of our pets, and that includes the products we choose to use to care for them. This is one main reason we are regularly exploring new opportunities to partner with premium brands and consistently refining the products we offer, recommend, and use in our stores. Through research, training, and invaluable feedback from our customers we are able to discern which necessary items would work best for animal care in-store as well as in your home.

    reeflowers-caledonia_sea_salt_6.5kg That's why Uncle Bill's has officially made the switch from Instant Ocean Salts to ReeFlowers Salts in our stores' saltwater systems, and we now offer ReeFlowers as an instant salt solution to our customers!  Here is more information on the quality of the ReeFlowers brand and their products:

    *Produced from Natural Marine Salt
    *Produced in Conformity with the Natural Mineral Levels in Oceans
    *Contains No Preservatives  
    *Provides Ideal Parameters for Corals
    *Specially Formulated for Rapid Coral Growth

    Containing no additives, ReeFlowers Salts are enriched with high purity grade minerals such as kH, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and strontium to facilitate fast, healthy growth of corals and other reef or marine organisms. 

    What's more, elements that can facilitate algae formation, such as nitrate, iron, and silicate, have been removed. In order to preserve the vivid colors of corals and ensure that reef organisms stay healthy for longer, the trace element diversity within ReeFlowers Caledonia Coral and Reef Salts has been formulated with reference to natural ocean water samples

    Each bucket of salt is created using ReeFlowers' Smart Particle Technology© to ensure that each preparation results in water with stable values.

    Starting at only $28.99 for 60 Gallon Sea Salt pales, you can now get these premium salt solutions for your tanks at your favorite Uncle Bill's Pet Center~!
    (~excluding Uncle Bill's Binford Express)

  • Flying Fox Algae Eaters

    | Apr 16, 2019

    Flying Fox Algae Eater Fish


    Also known as the Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus, this fish is native to Southeast Asian freshwaters such as those of Borneo, Thailand, and Sumatra for example. The Flying Fox fish has a long body, dorsal colors ranging from deep brown to olive/tan, and a dark line from snout to tail with a golden stripe.  They can grow up to 6 inches in length and may live up to 8 to 10 years with proper care and environment.  

    Often mistaken for the Siamese algae eater, the Flying Fox notably has pairs of barbels around its mouth, a smoother edge to the line across its body, a golden band along this line down their body, and colored fins instead of translucent like the Siamese algae eater.  Alternately, it also has white or red "flashes" at the edges of its fins, whereas the Siamese or False Flying Fox do not.  The black line along the body of the Flying Fox also goes all the way through the tailfin with a more consistent thickness.

    Hardy, and easy to care for, this is a popular fish that can survive various water pH levels and water hardness ranges.  They enjoy a strong water current and fine gravel as well as plenty of leafy plants, rocks, and/or driftwood they can use to hide when needed.  Typically a scavenging bottom-dweller, it will eat flake, wafer, frozen, and pellet food.  The Flying Fox will benefit, too, from eating insects or even certain vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce, and seaweed in addition to feeding on the green algae in your tank!
    epalzeorhynchos_kalopterus flying fox fish
    Due to their unique look, ease of care, algae eating qualities, and friendliness these fish are wonderful companions to many tank environments.  Flying Fox fish can make great community fish as they can be compatible with a wide range of other fish such as Acaras, Barbs, Danios, Gourmis, Loaches, Tetras, and Rasboras as long as there's enough room and hiding places.  It even sometimes will display the strange habit of resting on its pectoral fins on either the gravel or wide plant leaves!
    Right now until May 13th, you can get your own Flying Fox fish for only $4.99 at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

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