• ZooMed Labs' Paludariums!

    | Jan 14, 2020

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    ZooMed Labs' Paludariums!

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    What if you could have a terrarium and aquarium all in one enclosure? Something for your reptiles, plants, and fish? Well now you can, with ZooMed Labs' new Paludariums! Build a dream home for your pets in one of the two sizes available: 12” x 12” x 24” Paludarium with a 4 gallon water feature, or our larger 18” x 18” x 36” Paludarium with a 10 gallon water feature. They are terrariums with built-in nano aquariums!

    3 features to explore: 
    *Canopy area for arboreal species where they can hunt or rest among the tree tops
    *Land area for the semi-aquatic animals to spend their time along the water's edge
    *Water area below the surface where fish and invertebrates can make their home.
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     Accessories available for the Paludariums include:
    *Filters & Filter Cartridges
    *Small & Large Platforms

    Picture a jungle stream, pond, lake, marsh, or coastline - along each water's edge is a unique ecosystem with a wide variety of aquatic, semi-aquatic, and terrestrial plants and animals. Now you can recreate one of these beautiful works of nature in your own home with the benefits of having both an aquarium and a terrarium in one!

    zoomed paludarium setup 2Interest in housing or recreating a natural biome habitable for exotic plants has a history that dates all the way back to the 1830's. Doctor and amateur botanist, Nathanial Ward, transported exotic Australian plants safely back to England in the first terrarium, known as the Wardian Case - facilitating from then on the interest and popularity of keeping a slice of nature in your home. The paludarium goes further by simulating a specific biome that can house aquatic life, terrestrial or arboreal animals, and living plants all in one enclosure.

    From climbing plants, grasses, and ferns - to crabs, shrimp, and snails - to tetras, danios, and other small fish - to anoles, small geckos, and tree frogs - with the right research and setup the combinations can be endless!

    Right now until February 10, 2020 you can get your very own Paludarium and Paludarium accessories at 10% OFF at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

  • ALL Saltwater Fish on Sale!

    | Dec 17, 2019

    Marine Fish On Sale Now!

    From now until January 13, 2020 ALL Saltwater Fish are 10% OFF with your Uncle Bill's Extra Value Card!  Here are a few of our most popular marine fish and some interesting facts, though availability may vary by store location:

    stubby ocellaris clownfish *Stubby Ocellaris Clownfish - this is easily one of the most popular of all marine  aquarium fishes. Ocellelaris clowns are abound in the warm, shallow waters of lagoon areas and are known to form symbiotic relationships with the following anemones:  Stoichactis kenti; the Giant Carpet anemone; Stichodactyla gigantea;  Merten`s  anemone, S. mertensii and the Magnificent anemone, Heteractis magnifica.

    blue devil damsel fish *Blue Devil Damselfish - these fish gather around coral rubble areas and feed on plankton, free-floating tunicates, and copepods in wild lagoons and sheltered reefs. They are also "harem" fish, with one male overseeing several females. These fish fair best when several females (3 or more) are kept with one male.

    porcupine puffer fish *Porcupine Pufferfish - this fish is very popular with marine hobbyists for its ease of care and personable nature. Their body is covered with long spines that become erect when the fish inflates (hence it’s other popular name, the Blowfish.) With its strong mouth it can eat most crustaceans and other invertebrates in the wild; even hermit crabs are not safe from the crushing beak-like teeth of this fish.

    humu humu picasso triggerfish *Humu-humu Picasso Triggerfish - The Rhinecanthus genus name means "spinetooth" in Latin and the name "aculeatus" means furnished with stings or prickles, as the skin of this species is rough like that of a file. Picasso Triggerfish have powerful jaws for scraping coralline algae and crushing invertebrate shells, and erectable spines for defense. Picassos also make a "whirring" sound when handled or approached as a warning.

    red mandarin goby *Red Mandarin Goby - This species is often referred to as a Mandarinfish, Dragonet, or Mandarin Goby. These little fish are micropredators, prowling the rock rubble and sandy areas in search of small crustaceans, worms and copepods in the wild. They are characterized by: small, pursed mouths; small gill openings; two dorsal fins; flat, depressed heads; a scale less body; and moving, or "scooting" across the bottom by an undulating motion of the pectoral fins. 

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