• Dr.Tim's Waste-Away & Your Filters/Skimmers

    | Sep 13, 2022

    Dr.Tim's Waste-Away and Your Filters & Protein Skimmers!

    Wondering about how Waste-Away may interact with your filtration and skimmer?  A customer actually reached out to Dr.Tim regarding the "Waste-Away bacteria, clogging of the mechanical filters and using the protein skimmer." What a great question to explore, and thanks to the customer,  Kenny A.,  who allowed us to share the question and to DrTim’s for their answer to help everyone:
    dr tims waste-away gels

    "Hello, I used waste-away for the first time in my reef aquarium after a water change and followed the instructions (shut off skimmer, UV, etc.) but when I went to turn on my skimmer the next day I noticed that my filter sock was nearly overflowing with water, I replaced it with a fresh one and a few days later it happened again, even my sump baffle sponges were getting backed up. I had to pull out all the sponges between my fuge and return pumps and wash them thoroughly so they would flow freely again and not mess with my water levels in my sump. Is this normal, I was under the impression that this was suppose to free up clogging in filter media not clog them more. I assumed this was due to my tank being dirty and that the bacteria was getting all the gunk and waste out of my sand bed, and rocks and it finally had a chance to be filtered by my tank…."

    "The quick, short answer is that clogged sponges, pads and other mechanical filter can occur when first using Waste-Away due to increased production of bacterial biomass..."

    dr tims cyanobacteria"As the customer noted his tank was dirty and had a lot of organics. The Waste-Away bacteria break down fish wastes, organics, and nutrients (phosphate and nitrate) turning these into more bacteria. Normally, the skimmer would remove the bacteria as it was being produced and the mechanical filters should stay relatively clean.  However, with the skimmer off for 24 hours the bacteria biomass grows and grows and gets trapped in the various mechanical filters which eventually causes them to clog. 
    Filter socks are very prone to clogging since [they] are very fine mechanical filters.  While clogged filters are a pain they tell you that your tank was pretty dirty and that Waste-Away was doing its job.

    "Reduce or Prevent
    "To minimize clogging but still get the most out of using Waste-Away if your tank is dirty we recommend when first using Waste-Away to not have the skimmer off for 24 hours (contrary to the instructions).  Instead add a small amount of Waste-Away (10-20% of the normal dose), turn the skimmer off for just a few hours (always observe the tank – if the water started to become hazy turn the skimmer back on ASAP), then turn the skimmer on overnight.  The [next] day or two repeat and continue to repeat if you notice your skimmer is producing a lot of scum.  Once the scum is reduced... increase the amount of Waste-Away and the time the skimmer is off.

    "While this procedure will take more time it will reduce the amount of time and labor you spend cleaning filter socks and sponges."  Running a regimen of Dr.Tim's Re-Fresh or Waste-Away liquid before starting the Waste-Away dosing process can help the reduction and then removal of algae and cyanobacteria too.
    dr tims dosing waste-away re-fresh

    Waste-Away Bacteria automatically and continuously released into your aquarium to consume nutrients and break down fish waste; keeping your tank clean and water clear. REEF SAFE.

    “Gets into the nooks and crannies of hard to reach areas”
    The gels last up to 30 days and will change to a tannish color when they need to be replaced. Simply remove the gel, dispose and replace with a new gel!

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    For more helpful blogs & tips, you can also visit Dr.Tim's Blog. "Good fish keeping!"

  • Aqueon's Awesome Shrimp Items

    | Aug 16, 2022

    Awesome Shrimp Products from Aqueon!

    Shrimp are easy to care for and can be very entertaining as pets!  Aqueon's shrimp-specific tanks and accessories are specially designed for freshwater shrimp and plants.
    aqueon shrimp in aquarium tank kit

    Whether you are a beginner or seasoned hobbyist, these items make keeping shrimp or a planted aquarium simple, convenient, and fun!  For example, the QuietFlow 10 Internal Filter is actually made distinctively with shrimp in mind as it includes an intake grid and pre-filter foam sponge that keeps shrimp from getting into the filter housing.  

    aqueon herbivore shrimp foodaqueon omnivore shrimp food

    The sinking shrimp discs provide the optimal nutrition needed by freshwater shrimp and other crustaceans. Plus, they are large enough to allow several shrimp to feed off of them at a time! These foods are formulated to mimic a shrimp's more natural diet and are boosted with color enhancers and Bentonite Clay for strong exoskeletal development and to aid with molting.

    aqueon plant shrimp clay substrate The clay substrate is ideal for the shrimp's environment as it is clay-based and spherical in shape so it does not break down into compressed soil or lose its form. This also helps the roots of plants flourish and grow, making it a great option for aqua-scaping as well!

    The Shrimp Essentials conditioner helps the water keep its minerals that are important for invertebrate nutrition but typically removed during the filtration process. These nutrients and minerals are necessary for the exoskeleton's health and maintenance.aqueon shrimp essentials water conditioner  The Shrimp Tank Plus conditioner neutralizes the harmful chemicals in tap water such as chlorine, ammonia, and certain metals. Specific elements are also added to benefit good health and coloration in your shrimp! aqueon shrimp tank plus water conditioner

    aqueon shrimp filter 10 g

    Their 7.5 gallon Shrimp kit also includes all the essentials you need to get started such as the glass aquarium, lighting, filtration with carbon cartridge, 10 lbs. of substrate, water conditioner, and a setup guide!  

    Right now until September 12th you can get these shrimp-specific supplies (Internal Shrimp Filters, Shrimp Water Conditioners, Shrimp Discs Foods, & Clay Substrate, excluding tank kits) on sale at 10% OFF at your local Uncle Bill's Pet Center!

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