• Mollies!

    | Jan 15, 2019


    Being very attractive tropical fish, Mollies can come in a variety of colors and patterns.  For instance, the Dalmation Molly is a hybrid color variation of the Poecilia latipinna (the Sailfin) and the Gold Dust Molly is a color variation of the Poecilia sphenops (Short-finned.) 

    dalmation molly 1

    They range from 2 - 5 inches in length and can live 3 - 5 years with proper care. Molly fish are peaceful, hardy, social, active, and easy to care for! 

    gold dust molly 1One of the most unique characteristics of these fish is that they have the ability to survive in both freshwater and saltwater if acclimated slowly and carefully.  Mollies, along with their platy cousins, have been kept successfully in freshwater, brackish, and saltwater conditions, although the last is not recommended for the novice aquarist. They originate from very diverse environments:  freshwater, brackish, or even waters of various salinity, temperature, hardness, and acidity levels. Even in freshwater tanks small, measured amounts of salt per gallon can be beneficial.

    gold dust molly 3
    Though not considered schooling fish, Mollies are usually more interesting to watch when they are kept in groups, since they will display a much broader range of natural behaviors when kept together. They prefer to be in a group of mollies, but can also make for good community fish if there is enough room in the tank. Though not typically aggressive - and may at the most nip at a few other fishes' tails - they will even establish their own hierarchy within their group!

    Males are usually dominant, so it may be best if keeping multiple mollies to have them be the same gender or have one male with more than one female so as not to cause any unnecessary stress or accidental breeding.  In same-gender tanks, keeping more than 3 mollies together is still better than a single one alone to diminish the potential for bullying. Having better-than-average filtration will be helpful, too, due to the molly's hefty appetite. Mollies love a thickly planted tank since they are omnivorous and will enjoy eating the algae from the plants as well as swimming about at the middle/upper levels in the water.  This in combination with other decorations is also great for providing the fish some shelter, but also be sure to have some open, well-lit areas in the tank, too.
    dalmation molly 3
    The Molly's versatility, hardiness, friendliness, and the different, bright colors they come in make them a very popular fish sought by beginners and experienced hobbyists alike!
    Right now until February 11th, 2019, you can get Gold Dust Mollies for only $4.49 and Dalmation Mollies for just $5.49 at your local Uncle Bill's Pet Center!

  • Aqueon 26 Bow Combo!

    | Dec 11, 2018

    Aqueon Combo of the Month!


    Whether you are a seasoned aquarium hobbyist or just starting out, you may be looking for a slightly different tank experience than what the typical rectangular aquariums can offer.  If so, the Aqueon 26 Bow Combo at Uncle Bill's may be a wonderful option!  

    The tank combo sports a low-profile hood for high light output, energy-saving LED lighting, powerful filtration, bow stand, and a curved, tempered bow-front glass tank for better viewing without distortion.

    This setup is both simple to install and easy to maintain.  The main feature here is the tank itself, which boasts a dramatic, unique aesthetic with the curved glass and contemporary black silicone seals.  The tank is solid, durable, and easy to clean.  This modern, sleek design makes a nice addition to any inside space!  
    Many experienced and new aquatic enthusiasts have become enamored by these bow-front tanks due to their distinctive look as well as the new sensation of looking at the fish through curved glass rather than the original flat, rectangular style.  Some fish keepers even go as far as to say that the view is better through the curved front, and that bowed tanks may appear larger and more impressive.  It may also provide slightly more space to those longer fish species!
    This combo, which is perfect for starters or for those searching to spruce up their setup, comes at a great value!  Now until January 14th, you can get this Aqueon 26 Bow Tank, Stand, Hood, LED Lighting, & Filtration for only $274.99 at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

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