Emperor Scorpions: The Most Docile Species

Of the roughly 2,000 species of scorpions, Emperor Scorpions are known as the most docile. While they have a stinger-tipped telson (end of the tail) and a large pair of crushing claws called pedipalps, they usually won’t sting or bite, unless they feel threatened.

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Emperor Scorpion Habitat

Emperor Scorpions are only about 6 inches long, so they don’t need a large habitat. A 10-gallon glass terrarium with a snugly fitting or locking lid provides ample room for Emperor Scorpions. The habitat temperature should be 80 to 90 degrees, with 75%-85% humidity. Heating pads or under-tank heaters help keep the habitat warm.

These animals love to burrow and hide, so they need a layer of substrate 3 to 6 inches deep, along with smooth rocks and hollowed logs that they can climb on or use as hiding places. Non-toxic live plants or pet-safe artificial plants may also be part of a scorpion’s habitat (and don’t be surprised when they rearrange items).

Emperor Scorpions are nocturnal. To ensure they follow their regular sleep/waking schedule, incandescent lighting should be provided for 8 to 12 hours during the day. Scorpions prefer total darkness at night, but if you want to watch their activities at night, you can use a red reptile night bulb without disturbing them.

As an Emperor Scorpion grows, it will molt, shedding its hard exoskeleton to grow a new, larger one. With proper care, Emperor Scorpions may live up to eight years, and they may molt an average of six times before they’re fully grown. Before it begins to molt, an Emperor Scorpion might not eat for a few days, which is normal. Do not disturb or feed a scorpion while it’s molting.

Emperor Scorpion Diet

Scorpions are predatory and will eat insects, spiders, small lizards and mammals – and on occasion, each other (which is why they should be housed separately). They enjoy feeding on gut-loaded insects such as crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. Scorpions prefer to eat at night. Young scorpions may eat daily, and adults can eat every other day but need a calcium dust supplement daily.  

Is an Emperor Scorpion Right for Me?

While they can be interesting and educational pets, Emperor Scorpions are not the best pets for children. These animals do not bond with humans, and if handled, they may pinch or sting (their venom is mild, but it can be harmful to people who are allergic to bee stings).

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