• Clown Plecostomus!

    | Sep 11, 2018

    The Clown Plecostomus!

    While we have already discussed the potential benefits of incorporating a plecostomus into your tank, (you may see that previous blog post here) we are now going to take a peek at one of the more overlooked types of plecostomus:  the Clown Plecostomus a.k.a. Panaqolus maccus, clown panaque, or ringlet pleco of the Dwarf loricariid catfish group.  
    The Panaqolus maccus lives naturally in Venezuela in driftwood-entangled riverbanks.  They have a beautiful, striped or wavy pattern that can range in coloration from white to bright orange on its typically dark body.  Color can change on a number of factors, though, such as age, origin, mood, and diet.  Clown pleco's can add a bit of flash and panache to almost any community tank or planted aquarium!
    Good filtration
    and a constant source of driftwood are both necessities for keeping this species.  Their primary diet derives from the driftwood, but this can be supplemented with select, small amounts of veggies, algae wafers, or other suitable foods.  A clown pleco also would not deny the occasional meat source, as well, like daphnia, bloodworms, or other similar offerings.  

    Reaching up to only 3.5 - 4 inches in length, the Clown Pleco stays fairly small and therefore won't outgrow your tank, either!  It adapts well to many aquatic environmental conditions and tank mates as long as there is enough space and some driftwood to feed upon.  The Panaqolus maccus is normally a very peaceful fish and will get along pretty much with any other community fish as long as they are not aggressive cichlids or large enough to eat the plecostomus.  
    dwarf-clown-pleco  These Clown Pleco's can do wonders for a planted tank as they are more often eating the algae and from the wood than uprooting or eating the actual plants as some other species may be more inclined to do.  Right now until October 15th, 2018, you can get a Clown Plecostomus for your tank at only $9.99 at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

  • NEW Cobalt Colored Airline Tubes!

    | Aug 14, 2018

    Cobalt's NEW Colored Airline Tubes!

    Add some flash and style to your tank's air system!  If you're unenthusiastic about the typical blue or clear airlines, these tubes are great as they come in several different colors:  yellow, green, purple, pink, neon orange, neon blue, as well as clear and black.  

    What's more, these colored airlines are made of Premium Natural Silicone.  This silicone material is resistant to:
          *Breakdown / typical wear

    These airlines therefore work great for use with air pumps, dosing systems, CO2 reactors and injectors, and more!  They come in lengths of 13 feet, which can also be cut to any length for whatever your application might be.

    Right now until September 10th, you can get these colorful airlines for $1.00 OFF at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

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