Exotic Pets and Unusual Pets for Sale

If you’re wondering where to buy a Chinchilla, or you’re considering a pet Tarantula, Uncle Bill’s is the place for you! We have the best selection of unusual and exotic pets and supplies for sale in Central Indiana, and all of our animals are ethically sourced.

Uncle Bill’s associates are happy to answer any questions you may have about our unusual and exotic pets. Whether you have questions about hedgehog care or want to know if Land Hermit Crabs are friendly (they are!), we have the answers you need.

Choosing an Unusual or Exotic Pet

Some exotic pets – like the docile and wingless Madagascar Hissing Cockroach – are easy to care for, while other exotic animals for sale require large enclosures, special diets, and several hours of human interaction every day. We can help you choose an exotic pet that works for your lifestyle based on:

  • Temperament – If you’re looking for a pet you can hold, Sugar Gliders would be a better choice than an Emperor Scorpion. While Scorpions are fascinating animals, they aren’t exactly cuddly.

  • Care requirements – All of our exotic animals require more than just food and water. Some animals need a specific type of lighting, heat, and humidity. Some pets should be kept in pairs, and some require a dietary mix of insects, fruits, vegetables, and pre-packaged foods.

  • Budget – Some exotic animals for sale in Indiana may initially seem costly (because of the expense of setting up the enclosure), but some of these animals have low ongoing food and care costs.

Exotic Pet Supplies

Uncle Bill’s carries a broad selection of high-quality exotic animal supplies – Chinchilla food, Ferret litter, Hermit Crab sand, and more. We update our online and in-store inventory regularly. Please visit your nearest store or call us, if you have questions about exotic pet supplies.

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