• Saltwater Damsels!

    | Jul 18, 2023

    Saltwater Damsels      Yellowtail_Damselfish

    bluefin damsel

    three-spot-damsel-fish The marine Damselfish have multiple species which live in the tropical coral reefs as well as many others who live in temperate zones such as southern California and Pacific Mexico, or around the reefs of Indonesia and Rowley Shoals, Scott`s Reef and Ashmore Reef in the Indian Ocean. These beautiful fish have a wide variety of vivid and bright colors, some of which change as they mature!  Also, the average size of most Damselfish is two to four inches:  perfect for reef or nano reef aquariums, particularly the Blue Devil Damselfish or the Yellowtail Blue Damselfish.  

    neon-velvet-damsel-fishAzure-Damselfish Each species has their own distinctive traits & social behaviors! They are omnivorous and in the wild enjoy feeding on plankton, algae, free-floating tunicates or waste, and copepods or crustaceans close to the bottom of the lagoons and sheltered reef areas. Though generally a semi-aggressive species, the typical Damsel is very territorial and will defend its food and space. Some species, such as Chromis, may be able to get along better with their tank-mates or in a school than some other Damsels, though. blue-green-chromis-damsel

    This type of fish, however, is easy to care for and rather hardy:  many hobbyists would even say Damsels are some of the hardiest fish to work with. Damsels will also eat almost any type of fish food, too!  
    three-strip-damsel-fishThis makes them great for beginner and advanced aquarium hobbyists alike!  Damselfish are diverse, beautiful, and playful -- just keep an eye on their behavior and all your fish will be happy!

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  • NEW Aqueon Nutrinsect Foods!

    | Jun 13, 2023

    NEW Aqueon Nutrinsect Fishless Foods!


    Why not give your fish the diet they would naturally eat in the wild? Aqueon's NEW Nutrinsect foods are 100% fish-free and include sustainable and responsibly sourced insect-based proteins! Nutrinsect formulas are highly palatable, plant- and insect-based, complete diets with ingredients your fish would seek out in their natural habitat!

    aqueon-benefits-nutrinsectIn the wild, most pond and aquarium fish don’t actually really eat other fish. Instead, they have evolved to eat insects, small crustaceans, vegetation, and algae. That’s why Nutrinsect™ has been formulated using ingredients such as Black Solider Fly larvae, Mealworms, Freshwater Shrimp, and Bloodworms to give your fish a diet they would naturally eat in the wild. 

    What's more, Nutrinsect's natural ingredients are produced in a sustainable way to help earth's oceans! While fishmeal is the main ingredient in most other fish foods, and is often harvested from the ocean in a way that puts massive strain on the marine ecosystem, Nutrinsect contains zero fish. The Black Soldier Fly and Mealworms are fed food that would otherwise go to waste, and the Bloodworms and Freshwater Shrimp are naturally grown in ponds and lakes, making them highly sustainable sources of protein. 

    All the Nutrinsect varieties are formulated for each fish species' unique dietary needs. Since insects, algae, and crustaceans are what pond and aquarium fish typically eat in the wild, these insect-based formulas naturally lead to less waste and better water quality - meaning happier, healthier fish as well! 
     Plus they're made to be highly digestible, so there's less leftover food and waste! Nutrinsect is available in varieties for goldfish, tropical fish, and betta fish. All Nutrinsect™ products are expertly tailored to provide your fish with spirulina for color enhancement and a balance of all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they need to be fit, active, colorful, and healthy. 

    Aqueon's new Nutrinsect foods come in both flake and pellets.
    With NO fishmeal, whole fish or fish oils - there's nothing fishy about it!
    Now until 7/17/23, you can try it out and save 15% OFF Nutrinsect foods at your local Uncle Bill's Pet Centers with an Extra Value Card!  

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