• Albino Tiger Barbs

    | Mar 13, 2018

    Albino Tiger Barbs

    If you're looking to incorporate a little bit of flash into your community-fish aquarium, the Albino Tiger Barb may make a nice addition!

    albino-tiger-barb-1Originating from Borneo, Sumatra, and Indonesia, the Albino Tiger Barb is an alternate coloration of the regular Tiger Barb species, the Puntius Tetrazona in the Cyprinidae family.  Unlike typical Tiger Barbs, though, they surprisingly do not always have gill covers!  This fish can be cream or gold in color with white stripes and red or orange accents on their nose and fins.  

    albino-tiger-barb-4Easy to care for and very hardy, Albino Tiger Barbs are great for beginners or hobbyists of any level!  They grow up to 3 inches long, and will do just fine as long as the water is kept clean and there are sufficient water changes.  

    The necessities and environmental conditions in which these fish thrive are very similar to those of the regular Tiger Barbs. 

    Albino Tiger Barbs prefer to be fed an array of foods including vegetable-based and meat-based flake, freeze dried, frozen, or live foods.  Having plenty of room and open space in the tank for this active, fast-swimming species is a key component to keeping these fish healthy and happy.

    What's more, they do best in schools of at least 6 - 7 fish of similar temperament.  As they are semi-aggressive they should be kept away from slower-swimming fish or fish with long fins.  This species may "nip" or "peck" at other fish to establish a hierarchy among the group, but in a large enough school of fish this behavior is minimized.  
    Active, playful, and lively you'll surely enjoy watching the antics of these attractive fish as they swim about the tank with their school.    Try mixing varieties and colors of Tiger Barbs for a stunning display when they dart back and forth as a group in your tank!  Right now until April 9th, you can get Albino Tiger Barbs at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers for only $3.99 each!

  • Blue Gourami!

    | Feb 13, 2018

    Blue Gourami!

    The Blue Gourami, a.k.a. the Trichopodus trichopterus, can also be called the Three-Spot Gourami.  It may reach up to 4 inches in length, and has two spots alongside its body.  Where, you may ask, is the third spot?  It is the eye that appears as the third spot being directly aligned with the other two spots!  The colors of a Three-Spot Gourami are prone to change if their mood changes or if the conditions of the tank are alteredblue gourami Typically, their spots may fade with age but this is not always the case.  This species of fish can come in opaline, platinum, gold, and blue.

    blue three spot gourami Native southeast Asia, it can be naturally found in slow-moving waters such as marshes, swamps, canals, and low wetlands.  It thrives rather well in environments with diminished oxygen due to its labyrinth organ, which allows it to breathe air directly from the surface of the water. Being omnivorous, these fish require both meat-based and plant-based diets such as algae / flake foods, freeze-dried foods, shrimp, worms, and daphnia.

    These fish are hardy and tolerant of less than ideal conditions as long as there are no strong currents, aggressive tank-mates, and as long as there are plenty of hiding places for this docile species.  It prefers heavily planted aquariums with room enough above the plants to sip some air from the surface of the water.  three spot blue gourami

    This petite, peaceful species can be kept in pairs or small groups of similar fish, but preferably not with any large or aggressive fish that may try to bully them.  Blue Gourami's can be kept with many different species of tank mates with similar size and temperament.  Male gourami's might even exhibit some small signs of bullying to other fish in the tank, especially if the victims have long tails / fins or bright colors.  However, even though male gourami's may get a bit territorial-aggressive, they are still timid around other larger, more aggressive fish; and these territorial tendencies will most likely lessen if the tank is large enough with plenty of space.  Keep a lid on your tank with these little guys, too, as they can be fantastic jumpers! blue gourami three spot

    Right now until March 12th, you can get your very own Blue Gourami's for only $3.49 each at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

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