• Fantail Goldfish!

    | Nov 13, 2018

    Fantail Goldfish (Carassius auratus of the Cyprinidae family)

    A happy accidental discovery stemming from the breeding of multitudes of carp for food, the ancestor for this domesticated version of wild carp from east Asia was a "silver-grey" carp known as "chi" and was one of the most commonly eaten fish in China at the time.  Fantail goldfish are specifically western versions of the Japanese Ryukin, another fancy goldfish, which also has an egg-shaped body and long quadruple tail fins.
    Typically, in the wild red, yellow, or orange fish would stick out too much and get eaten by their predators, but in the ninth century Buddhist monks began keeping the colorful chi fish in ponds so as not to become prey. Over time, as it was a good deed to set an animal free in Buddhist tradition, the colorful carp were also released into public "Pond(s) of Mercy" which spared them from getting eaten by predators and humans alike.  They then also became a symbol of wealth and good luck to the imperial royals and wealthy families as their popularity grew.

    fantail-goldfish-no-backgroundBetween the 1200's and 1500's it slowly became common to keep these goldfish in ponds, bowls, and to be bred for their distinct color patterns.  Fantail goldfish were the basis for all modern fancy goldfish species, originating in the 1400's during the Ming dynasty in China.  By the 1500's, China began trading goldfish to Japan.  The goldfish was then domestically distributed to Europe in the 1600's and America in the 1800's.  Eventually we wound up with the domestic fantail goldfish we keep today in all their variations and different characteristics.

    Fantail goldfish are fairly hardy in the correct conditions, easy to care for, and can make a great choice for first time fish keepers.  Along with basic aquarium requirements, they need a temperature range of 60-78 degrees, but do best between 73-74 degrees F. goldfish-uncle-bills-650x500 They can grow up to 6-10 inches long and can live up to 10-15 years of age and even longer with the right care and environment.  They can come in a few scale types: solid color; metallicmatte; and nacreous, which is speckled pattern.

    Fun Fact: Goldfish are one of the most studied creatures in the scientific field for their visual perception and level of cognition.  They can actually perceive all of the same colors as humans do, with the addition of even seeing ultraviolet light!  They are very social fish and thrive in a community tank full of similarly friendly fish. Fantail goldfish are also quite interactive with their pet parents, even to go as far as anticipating their pet parent's arrival at home or to show excitement over their company!
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  • Aqueon's NEW Shrimp Items!

    | Oct 16, 2018

    Aqueon's NEW Shrimp Products!

    Shrimp are easy to care for and can be very entertaining as pets! Aqueon's new shrimp tank and accessories are specifically designed for freshwater shrimp and plants.


    Whether you are a beginner or seasoned hobbyist, this setup makes keeping shrimp or a planted aquarium simple and fun!

    The tank includes an elevated base, hidden LED lighting, and a QuietFlow 10 Internal Filter made especially for shrimp as it includes an intake grid and pre-filter foam sponge that keeps shrimp from getting into the filter housing.  

    The sinking shrimp discs provide the optimal nutrition needed by freshwater shrimp and other crustaceans. Plus, they are large enough to allow several shrimp to feed off of them at a time. These foods are formulated to mimic a shrimp's more natural diet and are boosted with color enhancers and Bentonite Clay for strong exoskeletal development and to aid with molting.
    aqueon herbivore shrimp foodaqueon omnivore shrimp food
    The substrate is ideal for the shrimp's environment as it is clay-based and spherical in shape so it does not break down into compressed soil or lose its form. This also helps the roots of plants flourish and grow, making it a great option for aquascaping as well!

    The Shrimp Essentials conditioner helps the water keep its minerals that are important for invertebrate nutrition but typically removed during the filtration process. These nutrients and minerals are necessary for the exoskeleton's health and maintenance.
    The Shrimp Tank Plus conditioner neutralizes the harmful chemicals in tap water such as chlorine, ammonia, and certain metals. Specific elements are also added to benefit good health and coloration in your shrimp! 

    aqueon shrimp filter 10 g
    aqueon shrimp essentials water conditioner

    aqueon shrimp tank plus water conditioner

    The 7.5 gallon kit includes all the essentials you need to get started such as the glass aquarium, lighting, filtration with carbon cartridge, 10 lbs. of substrate, water conditioner, and a setup guide!  

    Right now until November 12th you can get these new shrimp-specific supplies and kits on sale at 10% OFF at your local Uncle Bill's Pet Center!

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