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Dogs: Four-Legged Family Members

Thinking about adopting a dog? At Uncle Bill’s, we guarantee that all puppies for sale come from ethical breeders. Animal health and happiness is important to us, so we work only with breeders that meet our high standards and whose facilities we have personally inspected.

Our breeders:

  • Meet or exceed federal USDA regulations.

  • Have excellent standards of cleanliness and sanitation.

  • Provide ample space and shelter for dogs and puppies.

  • Practice proper record keeping, breeding protocols, and wellness programs under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian.

  • Meet our own high standards of compassionate care, socialization, and attention to the animals.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Uncle Bill’s aims to help our customers prepare for adding a dog to their family by answering any questions they have about dog breeds, temperament, and general care. We want our puppies to have everything they need in their new homes, and we want our customers to feel confident they made the right decision.

Choosing a Dog

Do German Shepherds need a lot of exercise? Do Shih Tzus bark often? Are Dachshunds easy to train? The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Uncle Bill’s can answer those questions for you and help you pick a perfect pet, based on factors such as:

  • Personality – While a dog’s personality is mostly influenced by its socialization and environment, many breeds have specific personality traits. Various breed traits include friendliness, guarding, shyness, curiosity, and a strong predatory instinct. Some breeds are also more likely to bond to an individual, rather than be equally affectionate with all members of a household.  

  • Exercise requirements – A dog’s ideal exercise level has little to do with its size – the small Jack Russell Terrier can dig, bark, and run for hours, whereas the large Bullmastiff tends to prefer snoozing on the sofa. A pet that does not get enough exercise is likely to be poorly behaved.

  • Care needs – Some dogs are more “high-maintenance” than others – if you want a Lhasa Apso, be prepared to spend a lot of time brushing your pet (or paying for grooming services).  Uncle Bill’s can help you choose a pet based on how much time you have for its care.

Dog Supplies

Uncle Bill’s carries a wide assortment of quality dog supplies – leashes, dog beds, toys, brushes, dog food, and more. Find your new puppy and all the supplies you need at Uncle Bill’s!

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Variety and Expertise

With so many dog breeds and so many places offering puppies for sale, how can you find the one that’s best for your family? Where can you find adoptable puppies that come from ethical breeders? At Uncle Bill’s, we offer healthy and happy puppies for sale, because our puppies come from USDA-licensed Indiana and regional breeders. Where should you go to locate rare or unusual dog breeds? At Uncle Bill’s, we take pride in our extensive knowledge of dog breeds, and helping our customers to make the perfect match. We carry a wide variety of breeds, including unusual and hard-to-find types, so our selection and quality are the best in the area. Visit your nearest Uncle Bill’s today to see our adoptable puppies!

Uncle Bill’s Pet Center is an ethical, humane source for a wide variety of pets, including Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, Amphibians, and other small and exotic animals. We are the premier pet store in the Indianapolis area, with locations on the east, northeast, and west sides of Indianapolis, as well as in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne. Uncle Bill’s Pet Center carries a large inventory of pet supplies, and is committed to helping our customers understand and care for their animals throughout their lives.