Reptiles & Amphibians: Fascinating and Colorful Pets

Looking for small reptile pets? Or pet amphibians for beginners? Uncle Bill’s has a wide range of reptile and amphibian pets – from low-maintenance lizards to animals that require a large habitat and special diets. 

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, our knowledgeable and friendly employees can help you pick out the best animal for you, offer guidance on setting up your pet’s habitat, and provide tips on proper animal care. We’ll help you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure!

Choosing a Pet Reptile or Amphibian

Some of our pet reptiles and amphibians are easy to care for, while others require highly specialized care. We can help you choose a pet that works for you based on:

  • Habitat requirements – A baby green iguana can fit in the palm of your hand, but when full-grown, iguanas can be 6 feet long! We’ll explain how much room you’ll need to house your pet as it matures, as well as how to clean and maintain your pet’s habitat.

  • Dietary needs – Reptiles and amphibians may be plant-eaters, meat-eaters, or omnivores, and all species need a nutritious diet. People new to owning this type of pet may prefer a herbivore like the Red Foot Tortoise, whose diet consists mainly of dark, leafy vegetables, along with multi-vitamins and calcium supplements. Carnivorous animals require mice or live insects as part of their diet.

  • Temperament – Bearded Dragons are among the most friendly reptile pets, and with regular interaction, they may enjoy being held. Some species of snakes and lizards may become fearful or agitated if handled excessively. When you come to Uncle Bill’s to look for your new reptile or amphibious pet, we can answer any questions you may have about animal temperament.

Reptile & Amphibian Supplies

With proper care, some reptiles and amphibians can live 20 to 50 years – or longer! We offer a wide range of reptile and amphibian supplies: terrariums, heating, lighting, substrates, breed-specific diets, and accessories to help you create a perfect home for your pet.

Find your next pet at Uncle Bill’s!

Our customers get involved in reptile and amphibian pet ownership for a variety of reasons: They’re fascinated with habitat research, admire the colors and movements of these animals, or are avid amateur scientists. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting a pet reptile or amphibian, Uncle Bill’s can help you choose the best animal, based on your interests and lifestyle. Inventory varies by location, so please contact us to ask about our reptiles and amphibians for sale.


Local Reptile Shows!

Midwest Reptile Shows 2023:    
 June 4th
 September 10th  
 November 12th
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