• Electric Blue Crayfish!

    | Sep 15, 2020

    Electric Blue Crayfish!

    Freshwater crayfish are members of the Astacidea infraorder, making them relatives to lobsters, and can be some of the most colorful lifeforms that thrive in freshwater aquariums. blue-crawfish-crayfish-2They are rather hardy and may flourish in most freshwater conditions – though nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia levels should be monitored as usual. 
    These crustaceans are incredibly active and enjoy exploring their environment instead of hiding!  They can live up to 5 – 6 years and grow up to 3 – 6 inches with proper care.

    While the “electric blue” coloration appears to be extremely bright, it is indeed natural!  A specific “missing” gene causes this beautiful mutation in color.  Some may be more intense and vivid in hue, too.  This can be influenced by certain environmental factors as well, such as diet and water conditions.

    Crayfish can be especially beneficial in larger aquariums of 30 gallons or more.  Due to their possible growth in size, they should not be kept in tanks smaller than 20 gallons.
    blue-crayfish-crawfishThese brilliant invertebrates can become vulnerable to other crayfish or potential aggressors while or just after shedding their exoskeleton, so providing some hiding spaces for them is essential.  Try adding plants, landscaping items, caves/hides, rocks, and /or driftwood to satisfy this need.

    Although they are not typically going to be too amicable with any other tank inhabitants, they can at least often reside with fast-moving tankmates without the worry of a healthy fish being eaten.  Crayfish can consume nearly any prey they can catch, but are slow in movement and therefore rarely a threat to most types of fish or other invertebrates.

    Effective at keeping tanks clean and reducing waste, they typically scrounge the bottom of the aquarium for anything organic to eat.  Animal or plant, live or deceased, the crayfish will eat anything it can get its claws on!

    blue-crawfish-crayfish-1You may feed your crayfish invertebrate or fish food diets such as formula-specific pellets, algae wafers, live treats, or even certain blanched vegetables.  Feeding them regularly will help keep aggressiveness to a low and will make for a happier, healthier crayfish.

    If you’re considering building or adding to your freshwater tank, try enhancing it with something as unique as these Electric Blue Crayfish!  Right now until October 12, 2020 you can get your very own Electric Blue Crayfish for only $19.99 at Uncle Bill’s Pet Centers!

  • NEW Aqueon Edgelit Rimless Cube Aquariums!

    | Aug 11, 2020

    NEW Aqueon Edgelit Rimless Cube Tanks!

    aqueon-edgelit-cube-rimless-tank-1-gallon Create a stunning centerpiece for almost any indoor setup with an Aqueon Edgelit Rimless Cube Aquarium!
    These unique tanks include built-in LED's on the bottom of the frame to illuminate all around the edges and through the seams of the aquarium.
    aqueon-edgelit-beveled-edge They also boast smooth, clear silicone and polished, beveled edges for an elegant and modern design - keeping the focus on your fish! 

    *Vibrant LEDs shine from bottom to top, creating a glowing effect 
    *Perfect size for desktop or countertop 
    *Polished beveled edges complete the modern design
    *High quality glass construction for freshwater or saltwater applications
    *12 preset colors with optional scroll mode and color lock mode (for 3 gallon & 6 gallon tanks) 
    *Ability to adjust brightness in 25% increments (3 gallon & 6 gallon tanks)
    *Timer functions - 1, 4, & 8 hour (3 gallon & 6 gallon tanks)
    *3 illumination modes (3 gallon & 6 gallon tanks)
    *Included: glass aquarium, glass top (& remote for 3 gallon & 6 gallon tanks)

    The Edgelit tanks come in 1 gallon, 3 gallon, and 6 gallon sizes, all of which include the glass top.  While the filter or heater are not included, smaller Aqueon Quiet Flow filters may fit onto the 3-6 gallon tanks and smaller heaters may be inserted into any of the 3 sizes.  An Aqueon clip-on LED for top lighting can also be applied when bought separately.
     Convenient small gaps around the border of the glass top to allow for any additional cords, necessary inserts, or for quick feeding.
     These smaller tanks can be good for bettas (in the larger sizes,) small live plants, snails, shrimp, and more!

    Try taking home one of these visually dynamic tank setups today at a 10% OFF discount at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers until September 14th!

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