Cats and Kittens: Independent and Affectionate Pets

Looking for Persian or Siamese cats for sale? Or a pair of kittens from the same litter? Uncle Bill’s has a wide variety of cats, including unusual variations and breeds of kittens for sale. The majority of our cats and kittens for sale come to us through our rescue and rehoming programs, which is one more way we show our commitment to careful and ethical pet ownership.

When you adopt a cat or kitten at Uncle Bill’s, you can be sure that your pet has been humanely treated and has received appropriate veterinary care. Our adult cats and kittens receive vaccinations and health exams before we allow them to become available for adoption.

Your Source for Petcare Information

Not sure whether an adult cat or a kitten is the best choice for you? The Uncle Bill’s team is happy to answer your questions about cats and kittens, and we carry all the cat food and supplies you need to create a healthy, happy home for your pet.

  • Helping Your Pet Adjust to a New Home

    Cats are tidy animals who like a daily routine, and when they’re comfortable and well cared for, they rarely exhibit problem behaviors. Cats groom themselves, but they should be brushed at least once a week (or more often, for long-haired breeds), to help remove loose fur and keep their coats and skin healthy. The three factors most important to a cat’s well-being are:

    • Exercise – Cats need daily playtime, as well as a scratching post or pad (scratching helps cats stretch, keeps nails at a healthy length, and removes the dry outer layers of claws). Kittens and cats should have access to several types of toys, including interactive/puzzle-type toys that keep them busy when their caretaker isn’t home.

    • Food – Cats’ dietary needs change as they age, and their sensitive digestive systems don’t react well to abrupt changes in diet. Uncle Bill’s can help you understand what to feed your cat and kitten, and how to transition to a new type of food, as age or dietary needs dictate.

    • Litter box – From about the age of 3 or 4 weeks, kittens know how to use a litter box, and they will usually continue to do so, as long as they are healthy and their litter box is clean, appropriately sized, and located in a quiet area. Many cats will not share a litter box, so if you plan to adopt two cats, plan on having two litter boxes.

    While cats have a reputation for being relatively self-sufficient, they still need affection and attention. Most cats also appreciate having a quiet place to retreat to, and a spot where they can see out a window and bask in the sun.

    Cat and Kitten Supplies

    Uncle Bill’s carries dry cat food, wet cat food, kitten toys, kitty litter, grooming supplies, and more – and you can now order the cat supplies you need online for quick in-store pickup.

    Adopt your cat or kitten from a store committed to the ethical treatment of animals. Shop at Uncle Bill’s.

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