Hedgehogs: Pint-Sized Pets With Tons of Energy

Hedgehogs are active, curious, nocturnal animals that need lots of exercise. Unlike some small animals that prefer to live in pairs, Hedgehogs are happy having a whole cage to themselves.

Hedgehogs can have dramatically different personalities – some love to be held, while others seem to have a grumpy disposition. One thing they all have in common is that they’re adorable – and entertaining to watch!

If you think you’d like a pet hedgehog, contact your nearest Uncle Bill’s location to ask about Hedgehogs for sale. We also have everything you need to set up your hedgehog habitat.

Hedgehog Habitat

In the wild, Hedgehogs may travel up to two miles in a night. As pets, Hedgehogs need a large cage (ideally, with two levels) and an exercise wheel. Hedgehog cages should have a flat (not wire) bottom. Clean the cage weekly or bi-weekly.

Your hedgehog will need a small litter pan, bedding/litter, and a warm place to hide. Place the cage away from drafts – Hedgehogs prefer an air temperature of 74 to 78 degrees.

Put a variety of toys in the cage – a sturdy plastic ball with a bell inside, or a treat-puzzle toy are popular with Hedgehogs. They also enjoy a cardboard bathroom tissue tube. If you cut the end of the tube, a hedgehog will usually deliberately get stuck, putting its head in the tube and walking around (hedgehog owners call this “tubing”).

Most hedgies enjoy supervised exploration time outside of their cages or in playpens, and they may enjoy being inside a plastic exercise ball as they explore. Some Hedgehogs like to swim or float in their balled up form when given the chance and with close supervision. After bath time, gently wrap your hedgehog in a warm towel, and make sure your pet is dry before returning it to its cage.

Hedgehog Care

The hedgehog diet consists primarily of dry food that’s high in protein, such as SunSeed Vita Prima or Pretty Pets Hedgehog Food. They may eat peas, beans, corn, carrots, grapes, and apples in small amounts, as well.

Hedgehogs enjoy mealworms, but they should be offered sparingly – mealworms are high in fat, and Hedgehogs can easily become obese if their diet is too fatty.

Are Hedgehogs Right for Me?

A hedgehog can be a wonderful addition for someone who wants a unique and entertaining pet.  They are not messy or aggressive, are easy to care for, and can live up to six years, with proper care. Hedgehogs will communicate with you through squeaks, grunts, and sniffles. These nocturnal creatures sleep a large part of the day away and like to hide while they sleep, making them good pets for pet owners who are home in the evening and at night. Proper handling will do a lot to ensure a friendly relationship!

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