Rescue and Rehoming Programs: Our Commitment to Animal Care

The central tenet of Uncle Bill’s philosophy is ethical animal care. Our standards for acquiring animals make us the area’s best ethical source for pets, but our concern does not stop there. As a community fixture for nearly 30 years, we believe that Uncle Bill’s Pet Center has a responsibility to take an active role in promoting responsible pet ownership, and that includes the very real need for pet rescue in our area.

Sadly, many people enter into pet ownership casually, and, without proper education and support, may wind up abandoning the animals they agreed to support. Uncle Bill’s pet rescue programs, including our rehoming program, are part of our holistic commitment to animal care and being an ethical source for pets. What's more, whenever an Uncle Bill's micro-chipped pet is surrendered to a shelter, we pick up and re-home the precious animal. 

At any given time, as many of 90% of our kittens are rescued, and many of our rabbits are likewise rescued. While fortunately we don’t see as many abandoned animals in other categories, our staff is trained to evaluate and rehome other animals wherever possible.

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we are passionate about educating our communities in responsible pet ownership, and believe that our active pet rescue programs are a critical part of our commitment to being an ethical source for pets in central Indiana.

To learn more about Uncle Bill’s pet rescue programs, or to find out about how we guarantee our stores as an ethical source for pets, please contact us or visit one of our central Indiana locations to speak with our friendly, knowledgeable staff.
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Uncle Bill’s Pet Center is an ethical, humane source for a wide variety of pets, including Dogs, Cats, Fish, Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Reptiles, Amphibians, and other small and exotic animals. We are the premier pet store in the Indianapolis area, with locations on the east, northeast, and west sides of Indianapolis, as well as in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne. Uncle Bill’s Pet Center carries a large inventory of pet supplies, and is committed to helping our customers understand and care for their animals throughout their lives.