Small Animals Make Great Pets!

Looking for Guinea Pigs for sale? A pet Rat habitat? Timothy hay treats for your rabbit? Uncle Bill’s carries a wide variety of small animals, small exotic animals, and small animal supplies, so you can find your perfect pet and all the supplies you need to take care of it.

Unsure which small pet is right for you? Stop in any of our pet stores in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, or Fort Wayne to chat with one of our friendly associates. We can answer any questions you may have about small animals.

Choosing a Small Animal

Gerbils – those cute little rodents that love to run on an exercise wheel – are popular pets in elementary school classrooms, in part because they’re easy to care for and can live comfortably in a small enclosure. Sugar Gliders, however, require a large cage, daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of attention (they prefer to live in pairs).

We can help you choose your small pet based on factors such as:

  • Time – Sociable and inquisitive small animals such as Ferrets and Rats do best in homes where the owner has plenty of time to interact with them. Ferrets also need about four hours of time outside their cage every day, which means their owners will need to spend time “ferret-proofing” the house, or a room (ferrets love to explore all of the areas in their environment).  

  • Budget – The cost of small animal cages, supplies, and food varies, depending on the type of pet you choose.

  • Household environment – Some small animals may become distressed around dogs, cats, or small children. Often, what matters more than an animal’s species is its individual temperament – for example, Dogs that don’t have a strong predatory instinct may be able to become friends with Rabbits.

Our Available Animals

Uncle Bill’s carries a wide variety of ethically sourced animals – when you buy a rabbit, a hamster, or any other small animal from us, you can be assured that your pet has been humanely treated and is in good health.

Inventory varies by store – some locations may have more Guinea Pigs for sale than Hamsters, for example. If you’re looking for a specific type of pet, feel free to call us – we’re happy to answer your questions!
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