• Check out our Koi & Ponds this Season!

    | Aug 16, 2016

    Koi & Pond Season!

    Koi, or "nishikigoi" in Japan, are a more decorative variety of the domesticated common carp (koi comes from the Japanese word for carp,) distinguishable by coloration, patterning, and scalation.  Koi come in a great selection of colors and patterns; each one is unique!  Koi Pond Fish VarietyThey are found in Central Europe and Asia and are usually kept in outdoor ponds or water gardens.  
    Carp are coldwater fish, and their ability to survive and adapt to many climates and water conditions allowed the domesticated species to be propagated to many new locations.   
    However, koi tend to thrive best in temperatures ranging from 60°F to 75°F and do not react well to being cold as it inhibits their immune systems.  Because they are so bright in color, they require a bit of creative protection when kept in the outdoor pond.  Be sure that there is at least 5 feet depth minimum to ward off cold as well as possible predators, along with some tree-shaded areas and a pump and filtration system in place to keep the water clear.  As with any other aquatic pet, it is key to make sure that proper oxygenation, pH stabilization, temperature, and feeding amounts are kept in check.  With the right care, koi can live anywhere from 25 years up to 60 years or more (some have been recorded to live over 200 years of age) and grow up to 3 feet long!Koi Hand Feed

    Koi are mostly omnivorous and will eat a selection of foods from typical koi commercial foods, vegetables like peas or lettuce, and insects.  Koi will actually begin to recognize those that feed them and become excited and gather to see you during feeding times.  They can even be carefully trained to take food from your hand!  

    In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love"; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan.  They are sometimes even passed down from generation to generation, and to those who receive them as gifts are believed to bring good luck!
    Pond season is coming to a close soon
    , so please be sure to come in to an Uncle Bill's near you to check out the live Koi ponds (at our Greenwood, Fishers, or Fort Wayne stores) and possibly take home a family heirloom, and new friend, yourself!  You can also see a few of our Koi and other pond fish in some underwater action in a video on our YouTube channel.

  • Dr. Tim's Aquatics NEW Bene-FISH-al Fish Foods!

    | Jul 12, 2016

    Have You Tried Dr. Tim's new Bene-FISH-al All Natural, DIY Fish Formulas and Extras?

    If not, and you're looking for an all natural, 100% customizable alternative to generic flakes and pellets, then Dr. Tim's Aquatic's Bene-FISH-al foods may just be right for your fish friends!

    It is a completely unique and healthy fish food line that contains no fillers, grains, or binders for the optimal health of your fish and improved cleanliness of your tank. There aren't any unnecessary ingredients such as wheat, gluten, GMO's, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Also, it reduces waste from feeding by up to 60%!

    They include probiotic cultures, vitamins, protein, antioxidants, and other color and health enhancing ingredients. Plus, it can be totally customized using your choice of their Bene-FISH-al Extras for added benefits! You can create your very own recipes for your fish, adding variety to their diet, all while improving their condition and their overall environment.  What more could an aquatic hobbyist ask for?

    Your fish get just the plain nutrients they need without the bulk that only pollutes your tank and decreases your water quality. It is also easy and quick to make! Not only do these fish diets help eliminate stringy poop and aid or prevent bloating in fish - keeping your fish healthier and the tank cleaner - they also enhance your fish's immune system, fin development, muscle and nervous system function, color, and digestion.

    Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself! You can find Dr. Tim's line of Bene-FISH-al foods and Extras at Uncle Bill's, with the food formulas on sale until August 15th at 15% Off! You may also click HERE for more information on these amazing, all natural, do-it-yourself fish foods and additives.
    Dr Tims Bene-FISH-al Food and Extras

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