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Aquatic pets make a fascinating and engaging hobby, and there’s no better place to learn more and expand your collection than Uncle Bill’s Pet Center. We carry the widest assortment of saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates, aquatics food, freshwater fish and plants, aquariums and accessories, and everything you need to build an exciting and sustainable habitat for all of your aquatic pets.

The benefits of aquariums—whether for saltwater fish or freshwater fish—are many and varied. We find that, once our customers get started with aquatic pets, they become more and more enthusiastic the more they learn. Some popular benefits of aquatic pets include:

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Marine Live Rock!

| Oct 10, 2017

Marine Live Rock!

Live rock not only can add spectacular beauty to your aquarium but can be very beneficial for your fish and other marine animals, too!  The term "live rock" comes from the fact that many micro and macroscopic organisms inhabit both the inside and outside of the rock.  It is literally living aquatic decoration that is both teeming with and covered by aquatic life!
live rock 1
Each piece of live rock is gently harvested and begins as aragonite remains of long-deceased and ancient-era corals.
The live rock may be introduced into your aquarium after about 3 - 5 weeks of curing.  Curing is the process which facilitates the removal of any remaining superfluous plant or marine life on the rock (that would die off upon being integrated into the tank anyway) by letting them naturally expire.  Not doing so before including it in your tank could produce an ammonia level hike from the old, decaying material - which would be toxic to most existing fish, corals, or any other marine animals.  This process also allows the nitrifying bacteria and some micro fauna in the rock to survive and later be beneficial (both aesthetically and functionally) to the aquatic ecosystem.

As it begins to thrive and a variety of organisms - microscopic to larger organisms - populate the rock it can become not only very bio-diverse but also naturally, ruggedly beautiful.

live rock 2In addition to its pleasing looks, here are some of the benefits of utilizing live rock:
*     It is a natural food source for certain species
*     Helps break down and filter out waste
*     Creates a solid base for living coral or other plants and decor
*     Can reduce the time it takes to cycle your newly established aquarium
What's more, live rock may help marine fish learn to adapt to their new settings more quickly by appearing more similar to their natural environment. 
It assists in providing adequate hiding areas as well as establishing and balancing territories between species:  protecting some species from potential bullying; making certain species feel more at home and safe; bringing out species' natural behaviors; and minimizing overall stress.

Live rock also helps stabilize your aquatic chemistry by slowly releasing some of its calcium into the water, which aids in maintaining a healthy water pH level.

Some hobbyists go as far to say that live rock is a viable and possibly even the superior mode of filtration, especially since it is a type of biological filtration that hosts large quantities of both aerobic and anaerobic nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria.
live rock 3
While setting up and maintaining live rock until it flourishes can require some effort and patience, if you are interested in providing a more natural and beneficial setting for your marine aquatic life it can be well worth the time - and a very rewarding experience.

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fish aquarium puffer fish

Aquariums are great learning tools.

Aquatic Landing Bar 3
Whether you’re an adult hobbyist or have kids interested in science, building and perfecting an aquarium habitat is a fun and exciting way to learn about nature and ecology.

Aquariums promote responsibility, but need not be demanding projects.

Aquatic Landing Bar 1
Kids of all ages can participate in various tasks related to keeping their aquarium running, and often become deeply invested in the saltwater fish or freshwater fish they select. However, keeping an aquarium can also be a relatively low-maintenance hobby, making it perfect for busy pet owners.

Aquariums reduce stress and anxiety.

Aquatic Landing Bar 2
Have you noticed how many doctors’ offices have aquariums? That is not a coincidence! Experts including the former Surgeon General of the United States advocate aquariums for their proven health benefits, including reducing blood pressure!
To learn more about how to get started with an aquarium, or to view our amazing selection of freshwater fish and saltwater fish, as well as other aquatic animals and accessories, visit Uncle Bill’s Pet Center today!
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