Axolotls for Sale

The Axolotl, or as it’s sometimes referred to as the Mexican walking fish, is a species of salamander which means it is an amphibian.  It has gills for underwater breathing and is neotonic, meaning they reach maturity without metamorphosis.  It is also known to even regenerate missing or injured parts of its body.  Being this hardy and cared for properly, this salamander can live 10-15 years.  It is truly a unique and unusual, but interesting, pet!  Thanks to respectable breeders and pet hobbyists this critically endangered species has seen a resurgence in numbers.  Please call ahead to the store location you are planning on visiting to confirm that axolotls for sale will be available.

Axolotl Diet

Axolotls feed on shelled invertebrates like snails and crustaceans in the wild, as well as fish and other amphibians, so shrimp and worms are great substitutes for captive feeding.  They do like a bit of variety in their diets for balance, also enjoying frozen bloodworms and live blackworms.  Healthy Axolotls eat well, digest food without a problem, keeps up its weight without becoming obese, and has healthy-looking skin and eyes.  Do not let your salamander come in contact with soaps, detergents, or other harmful, artificial substances.  

Axolotl Habitat

Because Axolotls can grow to a decent size, a larger tank is recommended.  Having clean, well-oxygenated, filtered water is important to the Axolotl’s health, so use a filtration system that does not create too much of a current.  Water changes should be made periodically and at 20% change at a time; too much water chemistry change may stress out or harm the Axolotl.  Tile, slate rock, or sand make good substrate for this mostly aquatic amphibian.  The tank should not be in direct sunlight and requires little to no special lighting.  The water temperature should range between 60 and 75°F and the air should be cool at around the same temperature as the water.  Be careful if you try to house multiple salamanders together for they usually will try to eat each other. 

Are Axolotls Right for Me?

These salamander-like pets can bring their caregiver much joy and entertainment!  Though these guys may look cool, handling them is not recommended due to how soft and delicate their skin and gills are.  Take into consideration, too, that they may drop a limb or body part if feeling threatened.  The Axolotl is calm, not extremely active, and will probably move slowly most of the time.  Also, any amphibious animal is capable of carrying diseases such as Salmonella, so always washing your hands after touching your aquatic pet or any of its habitat items/substances is a must.  For this reason, small children and pregnant women should not handle these pets or their associated items/substances.  If you do not need a pet that likes to be coddled, but rather one that is independent and unique, then with the correct care this salamander may be right for you!

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Axolotls for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in building an appropriate habitat for your new pet, and educate you on the proper care of the animal—making sure you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure! 

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