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Aquatic pets make a fascinating and engaging hobby, and there’s no better place to learn more and expand your collection than Uncle Bill’s Pet Center. We carry the widest assortment of saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates, freshwater fish and plants, aquariums and accessories, and everything you need to build an exciting and sustainable habitat for all of your aquatic pets.

The benefits of aquariums—whether for saltwater fish or freshwater fish—are many and varied. We find that, once our customers get started with aquatic pets, they become more and more enthusiastic the more they learn. Some popular benefits of aquatic pets include:

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The Sparkling Gourami!

| Sep 13, 2017

Sparkling Gourami's!

This species, Trichopsis pumila, can also be called the Pygmy Gourami or the Dwarf Croaking Gourami.  It may reach up to 1 1/2 inches in length, and is the smallest species in the labyrinth family.  


The Sparkling Gourami can have many variations of sparkling iridescent reds, blues, and greens which reflect a rainbow of colors when it moves, and its eyes can appear bright blue in certain lighting.  Sometimes its colors and stripe can change or even disappear and reappear depending on its condition and mood!

Native to the rice patties of Thailand, it can be naturally found in slow-moving waters such as rivers, swamps, and small ponds with a dense cover of plants.  It thrives rather well in environments with diminished oxygen due to its labyrinth organ, which allows it to breathe air directly from the surface of the water. The Sparkling Gourami is a tiny diamond-in-the-rough of the fish world so to speak!

sparkling-gourami-2The reason some call it the "Dwarf Croaking Gourami" is because it can actually create "croaking" sounds that you can hear with the human ear, utilizing its specialized pectoral mechanism.  The unique family in which this species is classified uses their pectoral-fin tendons, muscles, and anterior fin rays to create these noises in a similar fashion as plucking strings on a guitar!

These fish are hardy and tolerant of less than ideal conditions as long as there are no strong currents, aggressive tank-mates, and as long as there are plenty of hiding places for this docile species.  It prefers heavily planted aquariums with room enough above the plants to sip some air from the surface of the water.
This petite, peaceful species can be kept in pairs or small groups of similar fish, but preferably not with any large or aggressive fish that may try to bully them.  For the best coloration and condition try using dark substrates/gravel or special lighting, and be sure to include both plant-based and meat-based foods in its diet.  Keep a lid on your tank with these little guys, too, as they can be fantastic jumpers!

Right now until October 9th, you can get your very own Sparkling Gourami's for only $1.99 each at Uncle Bill's Pet Centers!

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Aquariums are great learning tools.

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Whether you’re an adult hobbyist or have kids interested in science, building and perfecting an aquarium habitat is a fun and exciting way to learn about nature and ecology.

Aquariums promote responsibility, but need not be demanding projects.

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Kids of all ages can participate in various tasks related to keeping their aquarium running, and often become deeply invested in the saltwater fish or freshwater fish they select. However, keeping an aquarium can also be a relatively low-maintenance hobby, making it perfect for busy pet owners.

Aquariums reduce stress and anxiety.

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Have you noticed how many doctors’ offices have aquariums? That is not a coincidence! Experts including the former Surgeon General of the United States advocate aquariums for their proven health benefits, including reducing blood pressure!
To learn more about how to get started with an aquarium, or to view our amazing selection of freshwater fish and saltwater fish, as well as other aquatic animals and accessories, visit Uncle Bill’s Pet Center today!
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