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Aquatic pets make a fascinating and engaging hobby, and there’s no better place to learn more and expand your collection than Uncle Bill’s Pet Center. We carry the widest assortment of saltwater fish, corals and invertebrates, aquatics food, freshwater fish and plants, aquariums and accessories, and everything you need to build an exciting and sustainable habitat for all of your aquatic pets.

The benefits of aquariums—whether for saltwater fish or freshwater fish—are many and varied. We find that, once our customers get started with aquatic pets, they become more and more enthusiastic the more they learn. Some popular benefits of aquatic pets include:

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Aquatic Plants

| Aug 16, 2017

The Benefits of Aquatic Plants

Let's face the facts - no matter how good of quality a plastic plant may seem, it still looks plastic.  Furthermore, plastic plants cannot perform photosynthesis to help oxygenate the water and assist in neutralizing nitrogen waste.  
aquatic plant water wisteria
What's more, if you place real plants in an aquarium before adding your fish, you can help condition the tank with their carbon cycle to make it a more stable environment for your fish!  Real aquatic plants can reduce the occurrence of new tank syndrome, which is the tendency for fish placed in a newly set up tank to have higher mortality rates.
aquatic plant amazon swordAquatic plants can provide biological filtration by absorbing many types of tank waste such as excess food, ammonia, decaying materials, and nitrates.  Plus, because plants compete with algae for nutrients in the water, they can help reduce the growth of pesky algae.
Plants also provide shelter and security for many species of fish and can even help more territorial fish establish their own turf more easily.  It is a truly symbiotic relationship between fish and the aquatic plants they live with!aquatic plant java fern

Keeping a planted aquarium can be rather rewarding, and not as difficult as it may seem.  With the right lighting, nutrients, substrate/anchor, CO2 levels, temperature, and water quality, you can easily turn your tank into an aquatic landscape. 
In fact, there are even several different decorative methods that bring an artistic touch to arranging plants in your aquarium.  By arranging root-sized to tall stem-sized plants, you can create a beautifully sculpted aquatic garden with simple techniques such as the "mountain" arrangement, the "valley" arrangement, or even various "sloping" shapes!  
aquatic plant peruensis ludwigia For the best looking natural garden landscape, try adding a diverse variety of compatible species of plants.  Not only are aquatic plants beautiful and bring even that much more life to a tank environment, they also give the gift of hours of relaxation!  Your fish will thank you, too, since live plants improve overall water quality, bring diversity to their environment, and reduce their potential stress as well.  Stop by an Uncle Bill's near you to see what types of aquatic fauna we have to offer!

fish aquarium puffer fish

Aquariums are great learning tools.

Aquatic Landing Bar 3
Whether you’re an adult hobbyist or have kids interested in science, building and perfecting an aquarium habitat is a fun and exciting way to learn about nature and ecology.

Aquariums promote responsibility, but need not be demanding projects.

Aquatic Landing Bar 1
Kids of all ages can participate in various tasks related to keeping their aquarium running, and often become deeply invested in the saltwater fish or freshwater fish they select. However, keeping an aquarium can also be a relatively low-maintenance hobby, making it perfect for busy pet owners.

Aquariums reduce stress and anxiety.

Aquatic Landing Bar 2
Have you noticed how many doctors’ offices have aquariums? That is not a coincidence! Experts including the former Surgeon General of the United States advocate aquariums for their proven health benefits, including reducing blood pressure!
To learn more about how to get started with an aquarium, or to view our amazing selection of freshwater fish and saltwater fish, as well as other aquatic animals and accessories, visit Uncle Bill’s Pet Center today!
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