Popular Freshwater Fish!

Uncle Bill's Pet Centers carries a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, and selection may vary by store location.  Here are some of the most popular freshwater fish Uncle Bill's offers - but it is not a complete listing of all the fish we have available at any given time.  This list as well as our in-store availability fluctuates and is updated regularly.  Please note this information on each fish's page is for your reference only, and any advice acquired from these listings is to be used at your own discretion.

Empire Gudgeon/Goby

Facts and Information

empire goby

The Empire Gudgeon is well suited to the community aquarium - peaceful, active and easy to care for. Once settled, the males then start to show their beautiful colouration. Empire Gudgeons look their best when kept in planted aquariums with other peaceful species. They will eat any foods offered, including flake food, and accept mose water conditions.

PH Levels - 6.4 to 7.4

Hardness Levels - 36 to 447 ppm

Temperature - 68 to 85°F

Level of Difficulty - Level 2

Size - Small

Aggression Level - 3

Possible Tankmates - Empire Goby (opposite sex), Three Spot Torpedo Cichlid

glow fish tetras

yellow cichlid labidochromis caeruleus