NEW Starfire Red GloFish Barbs!

| Nov 15, 2016
These Starfire Red GloFish Barbs were born brilliant!  Whether you're an experienced fish keeper or a beginner in the aquarium hobby, these GloFish can add zeal to any tank community.  The brilliantly colored little fluorescent fish are friendly, relatively hardy, easy to keep, and fit into almost any aquarium environment with fellow community fish.  It is particularly important, though, to note that GloFish Barbs specifically need to be kept in groups of five or more to keep the fish from potentially becoming aggressive.  Be sure to not crowd your community tank, too, and to not keep your fish in a small bowl or in direct sunlight or heating/cooling sources.
glofish starfire red barb
Contrary to what some people may believe, GloFish have not been injected, painted, or dyed; they actually get their lifelong, magnificent colors from a protein gene they inherited from their parents.  Each new GloFish inherits its unique color directly from its parents, maintains the color throughout its life, and passes the color along to its offspring.  Initially, the National University of Singapore utilized their unique coloration to help identify and fight environmental pollutants and toxins in bodies of water to help prevent sickness in local areas.  After an interest was shown in also keeping these fish as pets, they have been bred to pass on their unique and brilliant colors to their offspring, much like many other freshwater tropical species.
tetra glofish kit 5 gallon
These vibrant little guys make a great addition to or stand alone tank for nearly any office, home, or classroom and can make fantastic first pets!  Try "experiencing the glo" with Tetra's Glo Ornaments, Plants, Lighting, GloFish Kits, and tank accessories.  GloFish can be an educational tool for children and provide a fun, interactive way to inspire a love for science and responsibility, all while still offering the stress relieving affects of owning an aquarium.  Want to learn more about these amazing GloFish?  You can also visit and Uncle Bill's near you for more information.  We'd be happy to help!

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