Fire Bellied Toads for Sale

Fire-bellied toads are very brightly colored, with an array of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens underneath their black splotches.  These little guys make an adorable chirping croak and love to be in water.  Usually only 2-3” long, they live up to 5 years old if taken care of properly.  A happy, healthy toad is active, alert, has crystal clear eyes, healthy-looking skin, breathes easily, eats normally, and is hopping about as well as swimming freely. Please call ahead to the store location you are planning on visiting to confirm that fire bellied toads for sale will be available.

Fire Bellied Toad Diet

These toads like a consistent schedule and should eat around the same time each day.  Being insectivores, the toads should be fed a balanced food mix of small live insects such as crickets and meal or wax worms.  Because they are small themselves, they only need to be fed every other day with vitamin and calcium supplements a couple times a week.  Try to keep the food on the dry land area of the habitat.  Do not let your toad come in contact with soaps, detergents, or other harmful, artificial substances.

Fire Bellied Toad Habitat

For a healthy home, the habitat should be an appropriate size for exercise; it should have a type of substrate like coconut fibers, moss, bark, and no artificial turf or gravel.  Water should also be readily available for these frogs who love to swim.  Some land should be dry while some land may be made moist for variety for your toad.  The average comfortable temperature for the day is 78-83°F and is 62-67°F for the night.  A UV light may also be installed as long as the toad still has dark places to go and hide.  They also enjoy the company of other Fire-bellied toads, but not other amphibians. 

Are Fire Bellied Toads Right for Me?

Fire-bellied toads can be entertaining and cute, providing a rewarding and educational pet parenting experience!  They are perfect, as well, for any space-restricted home.  However, they may require moderate maintenance and care.  Try not to handle the Fire-bellied toad very much, and if so wear protective gloves; the oils on your skin may harm the toad.  Also, all amphibians can excrete toxins which can be harmful if they come in contact with your eyes, mouth, or broken skin.  Any amphibious animal is capable of carrying diseases such as Salmonella, as well, so always washing your hands after touching your aquatic pet or any of its habitat items/substances is a must.  Due to this, small children and pregnant women should not handle these pets or their associated items/substances.  For pet caregivers of the right age and responsibility, these little guys are wonderful semi-aquatic companions!

At Uncle Bill’s Pet Center, we not only offer Fire Bellied Toads for sale, we also employ a highly trained staff that can assist you in building an appropriate habitat for your new pet, and educate you on the proper care of the animal—making sure you get the most out of your pet ownership adventure! 

Fire Bellied Toad