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It would never be in a a pet store owner's interest to work with substandard breeders; in fact, we go over and beyond to make sure we acquire our pets from the best sources.  With our and our breeders' USDA licensing and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, our customers are provided the knowledge that the animals and products of Uncle Bill's are lovingly cared for and maintained.

Uncle Bill’s takes great care in selecting and overseeing breeders who supply us with puppies. Our standards meet or exceed federal USDA standards, and include requirements for cleanliness, space, shelter, medical care, record keeping, breeding protocols, socialization, and compassionate care. We source many of our animals from within the state, which allows us to inspect breeder facilities regularly.

Below is more information and some pictures regarding a few of our breeders.  More information and images of our local Indiana breeders is to come shortly!  Many of our customers like to know where their puppies were born, and we’re happy to also provide more information concerning these humane and ethical facilities when requested.
  • Daynes-Ridge-1
  • Daynes-Ridge-2
  • Dr-Mason-at-work
  • Howling-Hills-Kennels
  • Mark-Yoder-2
  • Mark-Yoder-1
  • Melvin-Nisley
  • Oak-Ridge-Kennels-1
  • Oak-Ridge-Kennels-2
  • Shadow-Valley-Kennels-1
  • Shadow-Valley-Kennels-2
  • Stoney-Creek-Kennels-1
  • Stoney-Creek-Kennels-2
  • That'all-Do-Kennels-1
  • That'all-Do-Kennels-2
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