Electric Blue Acara Cichlids!

| Mar 15, 2016

Electric Blue Acara Cichlids  Electric Blue Acara Cichlid Uncle Bill's Pet Centers of Indiana

This species is an exciting, and fairly rare, new fish to the aquarium hobby.  They are very beautiful, much like the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, but with a much more peaceful temperament.  
These Cichlids can grow up to around 6" long, and require a minimum of a 29-50 Gallon tank to flourish depending on the number of fish in the community. They can eat various protein-heavy flake foods, frozen or freeze-dried diets.  These gorgeous fish can be great for those wishing to welcome the first Cichlid into their tank, and can be suitable for beginners to the hobby with care.

They usually may not bother other fish that keep from their territory, such as other Cichlids or similarly sized fish in your community.  However, based on their behavior, they appear to clearly be the dominant fish in most tanks.  If more than one is kept in the same community, the Electric Blue Acara will begin to form pairs with one another.  If female, the fish may turn more of a white or darker color to show that she wishes to protect her territory during breeding season.  They will attempt to breed every two weeks, and can be excellent parents as they will not harm their fry even if they are left with them in the same tank.
The Electric Blue Acara will even race to the glass to greet you for their meal, and will most likely eat anything in sight that they possibly can!  
Electric Blue Acara Light Cichlid Uncle Bill's Pet Centers of Indiana They will exhibit constant activity and will make use of your entire aquarium with their daily behaviors.  The Electric Blue Acara prefers strong water flow and very clean water, so a good filter is a must!  They enjoy fine sands for digging, plenty of hiding places and rocks, and potted plants for a stress-free lifestyle.

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