Saltwater Damsels!

| Jan 10, 2017

Damsels      Yellowtail_Damselfish

The marine Damselfish have many species which live in the tropical coral reefs as well as many others who live in temperate zones such as southern California and Pacific Mexico.  These fish have a wide variety of beautiful and bright colors!  Also, the average size of most Damselfish is two to four inches:  perfect for reef or nano reef aquariums.  

neon-velvet-damsel-fishEach species has their own distinctive traits & social behaviors!  Though generally a semi-aggressive species, the typical Damsel is very territorial and will defend its food and space. Some species, such as Chromis, may be able to get along better with their tank-mates or in a school than some other Damsels, though. blue-green-chromis-damsel

This type of fish, however, is easy to care for and rather hardy:  many hobbyists would even say Damsels are some of the hardiest fish to work with. Damsels will also eat almost any type of fish food, too!  
three-strip-damsel-fishThis makes them great for beginner and advanced aquarium hobbyists alike!  Damselfish are diverse, beautiful, and playful -- just keep an eye on their behavior and all your fish will be happy!

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